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The 2015 Classic Championship was a great success. We had 20 folks fish the 2 day tournament on Bob Sandlin & Cypress Springs.

Congratulations to Billy King for his first place win! He had 14.40 lbs of fish. The Payouts were great!

Check out the payouts to all of our winners!!!


Stringer $

Big Bass $

Lady $



Billy King

$ 2,500.00

$ 400.00




Charley Doss

$ 1,000.00

$ 300.00




Jeni King

$ 600.00

$ 400.00

$ 100.00



Tim McDaniel

$ 400.00




Ronnie Barker

$ 300.00

$ 300.00




Donnie Doss

$ 200.00

$ 200.00




Lonny McGuffey

$ 100.00




Rhonda McDaniel


$ 200.00

$ 100.00










$ 5,100

$ 1,800.00

$ 200.00

$ 5,400.00

$ 12,500.00

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We fished our Classic on Bob Sandlin/Cypress Springs October 3rd & 4th, 2015.  We set a record for the payout and Calcutta.  We paid out a total of $12,500.  $7,100 for club payout and $5,400 for Calcutta.  We had 20 members fish the classic.  It was a good tournament with a lot of laughs and a few lies.


I attached the year end standings and the payout sheet so you can see how the payouts went.  I will post everything on the web site later.


Congratulations to Billy King for his 1st place finish.  His total weight was 14.40lbs.  Coming in 2nd was Charley Doss with a weight of 13.64lbs.  There was just .76lbs that separated 1st and 2nd place.  Charley fished with his son Donnie and they were pitching docks.  On this one dock, both of them pitched under it at nearly the same time and same spot.  The difference was; Donnie’s bait hit the water just ahead of Charley’s and Donnie caught a 2.91lb bass.  That fish cost Charley $3.000.  I did see tears in Charley’s eyes afterward.  Keeping it in the family, 3rd place went to Jeni King with a weight of 13.39lbs. 




There was a lot of fish caught the 2 days.  The problem was, most of them were not keepers.  All and all, it was a good tournament Classic.


Congratulations to everyone that fished the Classic.


I will send out information on our year end banquet later on.  I will also send out our 2016 tournament trail this month and the new rules going to a team format.  Until then, I hope everybody enjoys the rest of the year and hope the holidays are good to everyone.


Ronny & Christy Ammons


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